Norbeck undertook the provision of (primarily) passive network cabling design and installation in support of the Navynet project (formerly REDACS) under Unisys Plc from the project’s inception in 1990 to late 2007.

Coverage of the system extended through the project timeline to all land based Naval establishments in the UK, with offshore installation being undertaken in Gibraltar and Germany. The UK coverage extended to all Naval related sites; Dockyards, Naval Bases, MoD offices, Royal Marines sites and MoD contractor sites.

Norbeck initially delivered category3 UTP cabling as the primary in-building system for the project, and through the project timeline undertook the global replacement of this with category5 UTP and STP variants, and the subsequent replacement again to category5e UTP and STP variants. Navynet still exists under the DII(C) banner today, in the advent of DII(F), as a ‘Legacy Restricted system bearer’.

The project included both initial large scale site installations and subsequent IMAC (Installation moves adds and changes) requirements throughout its timeline. In addition to the base requirement for passive network cabling, Norbeck provided a range of consultant level services to the project and both large and small scale electrical infrastructure design and installation.

Project Summary

Network cabling services; design and installation: cat3 UTP, cat5 UTP/STP, cat5e UTP/STP, fibre optic Multimode and Singlemode variant (building, inter-building and campus level)

Compliant electrical circuits; design and installation: rack supplies, server room infrastructure, backup (UPS, Generators) and Air conditioning.

Physical Network audits; survey, documentation and reporting, certification testing

Site surveys, user requirement determination, meeting attendance, design, project management, consultancy services, liaison with regulatory bodies; English Heritage, Local environmental agencies etc

Retention of site specific (to individual building level) information, updating of the project inventory database and drawing creation, upholding of global passive network cabling warranty

Supply of components, accessories and test equipment to MoD departments and maintenance personnel