Norbeck were approached to provide a site wide Public Address System to cover the external areas throughout HMS Drake, the Royal Navy Fleet Accommodation Centre for Devonport Dockyard, the largest naval base in Western Europe.


  • To provide a site wide mass notification system to inform and alert personnel in external areas across the site
  • Provide pre-recorded and live ad-hoc messages
  • System to comply with Radio Site Clearance
  • Non hard wired solution required to buildings across the site


  • Partnered with Cooper Notification, part of Eaton group, the global technology leader in power management solutions to provide a bespoke solution
  • The integrated and interoperable Mass Notification platform, ALERiTY, provides the perfect solution to instantly communicate to everyone – anytime, anywhere
  • An intuitive easy-to-use interface, the WAVES over IP Integrated Base Station is an advanced configurable control system that issues voice and visual messages
  • Monitors the status of all peripheral devices with graphical and audible alarms
  • Speakers grouped into zones allowing pre-recorded or live (PTT noise-cancelling microphone) messages to be sent to individual or groups of audible devices
  • One click emergency broadcast available
  • Interactive map with geographic unit selection and color-coded status of each node in the IP network


  • Norbeck produced a unique design to provide a site wide mass notification system
  • Worked in close collaboration with the Royal Navy’s facilities management company Interserve Defence and Cooper Notification to ensure a smooth installation process
  • A hybrid system was installed using a combination of copper and fibre optic wired solutions internally and radio communication using Ofcom licensed frequencies externally
  • Worked sympathetically with various listed buildings and closely with Interserve Defence the installation was completed quickly and with minimum disruption to site personnel
  • Locations were identified for the server and command centre locations
  • Radio links were installed linking the server, command centre and all remote devices
  • Provided a Graphical User Interface, an Interactive map with geographic unit selection and colour-coded status of each node in the IP network