Norbeck were approached to provide site wide internet access throughout the accommodation blocks at RAF Halton and HMS Nelson in order to improve the experience of service personnel whilst staying on the establishments.

RAF Halton is one of the largest RAF bases in the UK and is a recruit training and airmen’s development training establishment.

HMS Nelson is the Naval Personnel Centre for Portsmouth Dockyard.


  • Bring super-fast internet access to all live-in users of the establishments
  • Provide Wi-Fi in accommodation areas at both RAF Halton and HMS Nelson delivering fast broadband to individual users in their own rooms and public areas
  • Source and provide a leased line, dealing with all aspects of provision
  • Custom design and build of a bespoke system
  • Landing page branded to individual establishments requirements

Norbeck produced a comprehensive costed solution and were chosen over competitors to provide a bespoke installation to these establishments.


  • Worked closely with estates department to ensure all accommodation areas were covered
  • Distributed via site wide fibre optics with local copper distribution within individual buildings
  • Provided various choices for end user payments plans, daily/monthly or longer term
  • A scalable system where the leased line can be upgraded as the customers site/usage expands
  • Sites have full customisation over the landing page, providing free advertising to end users
  • End users split between Officers, Senior Rates and Junior Rates for targeted landing pages
  • Each site is different and costs vary accordingly, this provides a fast system for all


  • All work carried out to ECR process and working closely with local SCIDAs
  • All engineers fully trained and qualified to work on MoD sites
  • Full Project Management provided throughout the life of the project
  • Installed as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the highest installation standards are maintained throughout
  • Comprehensive documentation and full ‘As Built’ packs provided, including ECR5
  • Flyers handed out on site, left in rooms, lobbies and communal areas to raise awareness and promote the service
  • Full after sales technical support provided with a local rate 24 hour helpline and email support