DMICP – MoD project.

The Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP), a set of integrated healthcare and dental systems, to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). DMICP, will be used by personnel from all three Medical Services and the Defence Dental Service, from peacetime use in the UK through to frontline battlefield situations. DMICP is an enabler to the wider Defence Health Change programme being undertaken by Defence Medical Services.

We were approached at short notice to fulfil the upgrade of the existing Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) to numerous MoD sites across the country.  This included new cross site fibre optic cables, Network Equipment Room upgrades (NER) and new Terminal Access Points (TAP’s). From initial contact we had met and surpassed site specific requirements and were on site commencing with the installations within two weeks.

During the following weeks several MoD sites were successfully provided with the connectivity required for this task, on time and on budget.