Norbeck were asked to manufacture a 24 way fibre optic termination cabinet to meet with the strict guidelines as set out by the MOD. The cabinet is specifically designed to have a very low vibration signature. The cabinet was sent for stringent testing and following this was put into production.

The Nato part number is NSN 5975-99-940-6044. 

The cabinets are designed for afloat fits, the lockable metal cabinet is used to protect the delicate ends of the fibres and the connectors. The cabinet is divided into two unequal sections by a vertical internal panel which houses the loaded inlines. The cabinet has a separate outward-opening hinged door for each section. Each door has two sprung retaining fasteners which secure the door closed.

Each cabinet has 4 fixing holes on the rear panel for allowing a secure fixing to any flat surface.

The larger section of the cabinet is normally used to house the LAN fixed fibres and is fitted with cable management. There are 6 x 20mm holes in the top section and 6 x 20mm holes in the bottom plate.

The smaller section of the cabinet is used for fibre fly leads for connection to network devices. There are 4 x 20mm holes in the top and 4 x 20mm holes in the bottoms section.

Each cabinet has all the 20mm holes blanked off with grommets and is supplied with 6 x M20 cable entry glands for installation on site. They are also fitted with 24 multimode inlines.

Labels are fitted both inside and out to allow easy identification.

These cabinets are available now, please ring for full details, pricing and availability.

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